As a war zone: In 2021, there were an average of 13 shootings a day in the greater Rio de Janeiro area

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – According to the Fogo Cruzado Institute’s annual report, there were 4,653 shootings / firearms incidents in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area in 2021. On average, there were 13 shootings a day during the year.

Compared to 2020, when the data was concentrated at 4,585, the number of enrollments increased by 1%.

Of the 4,653 shootings, 1,354 (equivalent to 29%) took place during police actions and operations. This figure represents an increase of 15% compared to 2020, when there were 1,177 shootings of this type.

A total of 2,098 people were shot in. . .

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