Are there different Wordle words today? Why People Say There Are Two Versions of Daily Answer 284

Much of the appeal of Wordlethe all-conquering online word game which has swept the earth around this yearlies in its simplicity in its premise.

Weekday, players get six attempts to guess a new word in five letters and, crucial, everyone around the world gets the same word.

This not only gives you the chance to brag humbly about your skill if you’ve had a good day, but also allows the community to unite in just indignation on social media if the answer is distantly unclear.

If this harmonious ecosystem is threatened, all is lost.

That is why if there is any possibility that there are two right Wordle answer, as people claim todayit’s something of a big deal.

Could that be true? Here’s what we know (and please stop reading if you have not played today’s edition).

Twitter has broken out today with people claiming there are two Wordle responses (Photo: Getty Images)

Are there two different Wordle words today?

You have been warned, but this really means something, so if you do not want to know today’s answer (or … reply) but please leave this page immediately.

If you’ve reached this page, chances are you’re aware of today’s Wordle controversy, but if not, here’s a brief overview.

Social media has been flooded with Wordle players claiming that on Wednesday, March 30, the unthinkable has finally happened – there are two answers.

While many players (including the author) got the answer “OVN”, others swear that when they played “HARRY” is the right word.

As one might imagine, society is disturbed.

Actor and spoken word poet Scroobius Pip tweeted that his family Wordle group chat is “in disarray” because of the “absolute bedlam”.

Others on Twitter claimed the scandal is “much more controversial” than Sunday’s Oscars, while one person wondered if it could be an early April Fool’s joke.

This outflow of dismay from distressed social media users would certainly indicate that something has gone awry – but it’s still not clear exactly what happened.

Wordle’s source code is available for everyone to access and contains any answer, past or future, built into the game’s system (do not look, however, you will only destroy it for yourself).

According to it, today’s answer should clearly be “STOVE”, and (without giving too much away) there is absolutely no obvious reason why “HARRY” would also show up today, other than that it is a random technical error.

I has contacted New York Timeswho bought Wordle earlier this year, to see if they can provide some kind of much-needed clarity in a worrying situation. This page will be updated as soon as we know more.

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