an exciting and fun new game show – once you understand the rules

If you spent Christmas desperately trying to understand the rules of one new board game, you might want to avoid ITV’s new Saturday night game show. Because Ant & Dec’s limitless win has both a limitless jackpot and a seemingly limitless rulebook.

On the surface, it’s simply about answering questions and scaling one Who wants to Be a Millionaire-style money ladder. The gimmick is that in a world first, this ladder is infinite and can result in the biggest prize in TV history.

Of course, in practice it was a little more complicated. Each answer is a number. (Example question: what is the hand of the basketball legend Michael Jordan, to the nearest centimeter?) Players can guess below, but if they guess, the game is over. But they lose a life for every digit, they are away from the exact answer, and they actually only bank money if their guess is right.

Basically, they could move up well into millions, but no real answer means no cold hard money. Oh, and there are lifelines, too. Don’t worry, Ant and Dec smiled, they would explain when we got to them.

Will and Kathryn, participants in the first show (Photo: Hello Dolly / Miter Studios)

It sounds incomprehensible, but it was actually remarkably easy to get a handle on.

The first participants – a married midwife and doctor – proved how straightforward it looks if you know the answer, and how impossible it is if you do not, with questions ranging from the number of daylight hours. Shetland on the longest day of the year for the official number of items in a full english breakfast (nine, obviously).

Thank God they restrained their risk-taking and paid out £ 500,000: NHS employees losing half a million would really have ruined the mood. There are only five sections of Unlimited winnings in this series, but it’s a tense and engaging show, perfectly worded to play with at home. It can just live up to its name and run forever.

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