An Encanto detail makes Isabela and Mirabel’s relationship more heartbreaking

The Encanto filmmakers have shared several details behind the scenes, but one makes Mirabel and Isabella’s relationship more devastating.

That Encanto filmmakers have shared several behind-the-scenes details from the popular Disney movie, but one makes Mirabel and Isabella’s relationship even more sad. Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) and her sister Isabela Madrigal (Diane Guerrero) do not have the best connection in the beginning Encanto. Isabela formodes “perfection“constantly annoys Mirabel. And when Bruno (John Leguizamo) and Mirabel think that hugging her sister could even save the family’s miracle, the latter guessed it.She will never hug me, okay,says Mirabel, adding: “She hates me. “ But of course, the couple is eventually reconciled as Mirabel helps show Isabela that she can be who she wants to be.


Follow Encanto’s massive success at Disney +, the filmmakers have revealed several secrets about the film. For example, one of the film’s directors, Jared Bush, revealed that the magic light of the madrigals is actually light from Pedro and Alma’s (Maria Cecilia Botero and Olga Merediz) wedding. In addition, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the film’s catchy soundtrack, revealed that several names were at stake before the filmmakers settled on “Bruno“for Mirabel’s mysterious and clairvoyant uncle.

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Of all the secrets behind the scenes about Encanto, one makes Isabela and Mirabel’s relationship more devastating. Jared Bush regularly answers fan questions about the film online, and the director explained more about the breakup between Isabela and Mirabel (via Twitter). Bush said the couple grew apart because “they could not see the difficulties the other was experiencing because they were fixated on their own struggles“According to Bush, the gap got worse over time. The director added,”I imagine they were closer when they were much younger“Because Isabela and Mirabel Madrigal once were closer as children, making the time spent apart make their relationship even more sad.


Isabela and Mirabel can not get back the time they lost. Unfortunately, the couple were at odds with each other because they were both going through tough times. Abuela Alma’s expectations forced Isabela to behave like one she was not, and Mirabel always felt like an outcast when everyone praised her sister. In fact, both were probably jealous of each other. Isabela probably envied Mirabel for living without the burden of family expectations, and Mirabel envied Isabela for being the supposed perfect madrigal that everyone loved. Each could have helped each other with their problems, but neither of them took the time to see what they were going through.

Although the time spent apart makes the relationship more sad, Encanto gives the powerful Madrigal sisters a promising future. After Isabela and Mirabel have reconciled, and the former finally embraces his creative spirit, the couple constantly reunite in the film. The sisters help Luisa Madrigal (Jessica Darrow) lift a structure to the house, and the high-five even after Dolores (Adassa) stay with Mariano (Maluma). Just as the madrigals rebuilt the house, the couple rebuilt their relationship. It’s sad that Isabela and Mirabel disagreed for so long, but the sisters can make up for lost time in Encanto.

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