AMC puts more brakes on unvaccinated SMCs: 100 pc of eligible people receive the 1st dose of Covid vaccine

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) said on Tuesday it had covered 100% of its eligible population with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation decided to further restrict access to private spaces and facilities for citizens who did not take the first dose of the vaccine.

Surat civic body has administered 34 36,213 first doses to date while 16,61,844 citizens are fully immunized in Surat city. According to SMC data, Rajkot Munici-pal Corporation has covered 96.20% of its vaccine-eligible population with the first dose, administering 10.35 lakh first doses against the target of 11.42 lakh.

The Vadodara municipal company administered 13.51 lakh of first doses against the target of 15.09 lakh, thus covering about 90% of its vaccine-eligible population. Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation has covered around 89% of its 4.43 lakh vaccine eligible population with the first dose.

The health department of MSC’s Deputy City Commissioner, Dr Ashish Naik, said: “We crossed the people targeted in the vaccinations for the first dose. We will now work on increasing the numbers for the second dose of vaccination. We worked on the strategy, to achieve the target that we first worked on by carrying out camps in the residential companies, then we extended our reach to factories in the diamond and textile industries and opened centers in the factories. . We then opened centers in the city’s textile markets and finally we launched the “Knock the Door” campaign, in which our watchmen visited every house in the city and checked if residents over the age of. 18 years old had taken the first dose or or second dose. “

Meanwhile, AMC announced in a press release that citizens visiting private places such as shopping malls, movie theaters, clubs, shopping complexes, party grounds, hotels, restaurants, venues religious, tourist sites, large corporations will not be allowed to enter these premises if they have not taken the first dose. These premises will also remain prohibited if a person has not taken the second dose when they are eligible for it.

The AMC on September 21 introduced a similar rule, denying unvaccinated citizens access to public equipment and facilities. The AMC managed to cover 97% of its vaccine-eligible population of nearly 48 lakh with the first dose and fully immunized nearly 50% of the city’s population, although in absolute numbers of doses administered, l ‘AMC leads the rankings with over 67 lakh doses administered to date.