All Lost Marble Locations Guide

There are 24 Lost Marbles across multiple areas in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and there is a permanent power upgrade to bring them all together.

Lost Marbles can be found in most places in Little Tina’s Wonderland, and finding all 24 will give players some valuable rewards. Lost Marbles are artifacts that contain memories of an Amnesiac who happened to be the former hero of this land. There are 12 areas where players can search for Lost Marbles Little Tina’s Wonderlandand each area has two collectibles to find.

Although each location in Little Tina’s Wonderland have only two Lost Marbles to find, some of which are difficult to reach or are not available until players advance to a certain point in the main story. If players are having a hard time finding or getting to a Lost Marble, then they probably haven’t gotten far enough yet, especially for those in Queen’s Gate and Brighthoof. Collecting all 24 lost bullets will require significant progression in the main story.


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Players will be notified in the game when they are close to a Lost Marble, but the proximity warning does not cover a large distance. Most of the time, players are likely to spot the lost marble before the game’s indication that one is nearby is heard. For each lost marble found in Little Tina’s Wonderland, players will receive experience and gold as well as a new entrance from Amnesiac. In addition, completing the collection will give players a permanent 10% increase in strength. While some of the missing bullets may be hard to find, the rewards make them worth collecting.

Where to find any lost marble in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Lost Marble Locations Guide Vortex Lost Marble
  • The queen’s gate lost marble: In the northeast area, players can walk towards the castle and turn left to go up a small hill. The Lost Marble will be on the ground at the edge of a cliff where the map ends.
  • The queen’s gate lost marble: For this Lost Marble, players can enter the castle and left towards the electric arrow trap. At the end of the hall, where the arrows are shot from, the lost marble can be found up the wall to the left.
  • Brighthoof Lost Marble: In the northeastern part of Brighthoof ind Little Tina’s Wonderland, players can find and enter Izzy’s Fizzies, the building with the large mug on the front of it. Inside, players must walk up the stairs, then out to the right and across the wooden plank to the next roof over. The Lost Marble will be in a net with some barrels.
  • Brighthoof Lost Marble: The next Lost Marble is in the western part of Brighthoof and can be found by going under the stone bridge and down the sewer. There is a ladder past the open sewer entrance and the lost marble will stand on a table in the room at the top of the ladder.
  • Mount Craw Lost Marble: Near the central-southern part of Mount Craw, there is a house with a yellow awning over the front door. Players can climb up the house and then fall down from the side of the ledge where the lost marble is located.
  • Mount Craw Lost Marble: In the southwest of Mount Craw there is a house with a mountain nearby which has a ladder leading up and the missing marble is on the ledge at the top.
  • Weepwild Darkness Lost Marble: For this Lost Marble location in Little Tina’s Wonderland, players can start at the narrow passage leading to the large open area in the northernmost part of Weepwild Darkness. As they face the gate, players can turn around and walk to the wooden platform that has a small hut on it to collect the lost marble.
  • Weepwild Darkness Lost Marble: Near the western edge of the Weepwild Darkness there is an area with a lot of purple, glowing crystals and a cave entrance. While facing the cave, players can go to the left and use the mushrooms to reach the higher ledge. From there, the lost marble should be right next to a coffin.
  • Tangledrift Lost Marble: Near the southern edge of the central land mass i Little Tina’s Wonderland‘Tangledrift, which is a narrow section where a blue vortex can be seen just above the side of the cliff. Jumping in will bring players into space with Lost Marble.
  • Tangledrift Lost Marble: Southwest of where the vortex was for the former collectible, players can find another Lost Marble by jumping over the suspended platforms.
  • Wargtooth Shallows Lost Marble: Near the center of Wargtooth Shallows there is a shipwreck with a Lost Marble inside.
  • Wargtooth Shallows Lost Marble: There’s a chain with an anchor attached to it that hangs high up in the southeast area of ​​Wargtooth Shallows. If you shoot it down, a staircase leading to another Lost marble is revealed.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Lost Marble Locations Guide Statue Lost Marble
  • Drowned Abyss Lost Marble: In the northeast location of Little Tina’s Wonderland‘Drowned Abyss, which is an area with a purple glowing symbol projected from the ground, and stepping on the small platform below it will send the player to fly forward. After reaching the edge opposite the jump reinforcement, players can climb up on the wooden platforms and then jump to the area on the left to find the lost marble.
  • Drowned Abyss Lost Marble: From the large anchor and near the center of Drowned Abyss, players can use the nearby shipwreck to reach a ledge with a Lost Marble.
  • Crackmast Cove Lost Marble: In the southern part of Crackmast Cove, there is a Lost Marble on a wrecked ship just west of the Great Anchor.
  • Crackmast Cove Lost Marble: North of the former collectible there is a town with a raised wooden walkway. Players can use the ladder to climb up and then turn left to find the lost marble on the ledge below.
  • Karnock’s wall lost marble: In the eastern part of Karnock’s Wall, there is a blue force field blocking the way to a Lost Marble. Players in Little Tina’s Wonderland must be activated the purple, glowing machine to access the collectible.
  • Karnock’s wall lost marble: In the southeastern part of Karnock’s Wall, there’s another blue force field that players can deactivate to gain access to a Lost Marble. Once the shield is down, players will have to climb up and walk across the wooden planks to reach the collectible.
  • Sunfang Oasis Lost Marble: In the eastern edge, where the map shows very narrow stripes of land, there is a stone archway with blue symbols above. Inside, players can go to the right and up the stairs to find a Lost Marble.
  • Sunfang Oasis Lost Marble: At the southernmost part of Sunfang Oasis, players can enter the large building and get a Lost Marble in Little Tina’s Wonderland from the statue inside to the left.
  • Ossu-Yellow Necropolis lost marble: In the middle of the large square land mass in the southern part of the Ossu-Gul Necropolis there is a building with a low section which the roof covers. Players can use the nearby box to jump up on the smaller part of the building under the green roof to find a Lost Marble near a blue fire.
  • Ossu-Yellow Necropolis lost marble: From Sandchoked Catacomb’s fast travel point, players can head northeast to find a Lost Marble on a cliff. Players will have to jump to it because the ground will make them slip.
  • The Fearamid Lost Marble: In the easternmost edge of The Fearamid, there are a few chests and a hidden ledge behind them with a Lost Marble on.
  • The Fearamid Lost Marble: Northwest of the former collectible there is a red room with large machines. The Lost Marble is on the bottom ledge next to the machines.

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Little Tina’s Wonderland is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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