Alec Baldwin attacks ‘lies’ by claiming he does not comply with Halyna Hutchin’s shotgun

Alec Baldwin has denied allegations that he did not comply with the investigation into the fatal shooting of film photographer Halyna Hutchins.

Law enforcement officials in New Mexico, where the shooting took place, obtained a search warrant on December 16 that allowed them to search the actor’s messages in connection with the film. Rust, but so far they have not been able to get hold of his mobile phone.

Ms Hutchins, the photographer’s director, was shot and killed in October Rust sat as Mr. Baldwin, who was also the film’s producer, practiced drawing a gun. Immediately after, Mr Baldwin described the shooting as a “tragic accident” and said his heart was “broken”.

The actor reappeared last Saturday with a long video posted on Instagram in which he denied allegations that he did not comply with investigators such as “lies” and “bullshit”.

His comments follow one the article in New York Post where lawyers wondered why the actor could have withheld his phone from law enforcement. Kevin Kearon, who worked at the Nassau District Attorney’s Office and is now a criminal defense attorney, had said that this “was inconsistent with [Mr Baldwin’s] promises early cooperation with law enforcement ”.

Sir. Baldwin instead suggested that the hold-up was a result of protocols for cooperation between law enforcement agencies in different states. “They can not just go through your phone and take your pictures or your love letters to your wife, or whatever you have,” he said. “It’s a process that takes time.”

He went on to say that he would “live up to all that 1,000 percent”, adding: “The best way to honor Halyna Hutchin’s death is to find out the truth.”

In the video message, he contrasted New York Post‘s front page article with New York Daily News spray on the actor’s death Sidney Poitier. He said the allegations of non-compliance came from “right-wing cloth sheets and people who were about hatred”, and suggested that a friend’s discovery of a packet of sweeteners on the street was a good warning for 2022.

The footage also hurt the film’s director Joel Souza. After it happened, it was reported that six members of the camera crew had walked out of the set earlier the same day with reference to safety considerations. They had requested hotel rooms from the film’s producers and said the daily drive of nearly fifty miles from Alberquerque to the Bonanza Creek Ranch set caused fatigue. Crew members said there had been three unintentional discharges of weapons on the set prior to the fatal shooting.

Baldwin faces civil lawsuits from members of Rust’s crew over the incident. Screenwriter Mamie Mitchell has claimed he “deliberately, without just cause or excuse, tense and fired [a] loaded gun, even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not require excitement and the firing of a firearm ”. The suit also names the film’s armored master Hannah Gutierrez as the defense party.

In a separate lawsuit, lighting technician Serge Svetnoy, who says he was hit by “emission materials” when the live round was fired, accused Mr Baldwin and others of negligence.

Baldwin and Mrs Gutierrez deny the allegations.

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