9 things about Loxia’s Crown fans should know

Morbius premieres in January 2022 and introduces the first live-action version of Morbius, the living vampire. The film will feature few characters from the comics in addition to the title character, but it will introduce Locias Crown into the world of superheroes’ live-action world.

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Crown, also known for his alter-ego, Hunger, is an anti-hero in the comics, a living vampire not unlike Morbius. Although the character details are still unknown, he will no doubt play a crucial role in the film, played by fan favorite Matt Smith. Mainstream audiences may not be familiar with Loxia’s Crown, but Marvel Comics fans certainly are.


Updated March 30, 2022 by David Caballero: After yet another delay, Morbius finally hits theaters Friday, April 1, 2022. The long-awaited film will feature Matt Smith in a role originally thought to be Loxia’s Crown; however, Sony and Smith themselves revealed that the character in the film is significantly different from Loxia’s Crown from the comics. Comics often take creative liberties as they adapt to the screen, and although Smith’s villain shares similarities with Loxia’s Crown from the comics, it’s clear that Morbius radically reinvented the character.

Loxias Crown was a HYDRA agent

SHOC grabs Spider-Man and crushes him

Most Marvel fans are familiar with HYDRA, the provocative terrorist organization every major betrayal in Captain America trilogy. In the comics, the origins of HYDRA go back as far as Pharaonic Egypt; over time it always manages to survive against all odds.

Loxias Crown makes its debut in Spider Man # 76. He is a HYDRA agent who pursues the scientist William Fields and traces him to Empire State University. Crown then kills Fields in his home on Christmas Eve, sparing the scientist’s wife and child. The young boy, Todd Fields, swears revenge on Crown.

Loxia’s Crown returned years later to fight Spider-Man

Loxia's Crown holds a scientist captive

Seven years after killing Fields, Crown returns to Empire State University and enters Research Building # 3, taking a room filled with scientists hostage. He turns on an unstable energy generator and demands that they knock out Fields’ research, otherwise the generator will explode and kill them all.

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Spider-Man and superhero SHOC arrive at the scene and subdue Crown idiots. During combat, and to prevent Crown from absorbing the generator’s energy, SHOC itself receives the explosion and gains massive powers. Defeated, Crown escapes from the scene.

Loxia’s Crown fought Morbius, the living vampire

After her fight against Spider-Man, Crown travels to Andrea Janson’s private island and becomes her lover. He also meets a kidnapped Morbius and becomes fascinated by the living vampire. HYDRA then sends Crown to apprehend SHOC, aka Neil Aiken, a student at ESU and classmate of Peter Parker.

Crown kidnaps Aiken and Parker and leads them back to HYDRA representative Vincente Fortunato. After Hammerhead, one of Spider-Man’s most underrated villains, kills Janson, Crown tries to kill everyone by overloading SHOC’s armor with energy. But Morbius escapes during the fight and drains Loxia Crown’s blood. As the building around them collapses, Morbius flees with Crown.

Loxia’s Crown became a living vampire

Hunger as seen in the Spider-Man comics

Morbius’ bite effectively turns Crown into a “living vampire.” He assumes the name Hunger and flees to New York City’s sewers. Hunger then begins to abduct people and keep them trapped in an underground chamber. Among his victims are several Morlocks, including their leader, Callisto.

It quickly becomes clear that Hunger does not want to drink the blood of these people, but rather collect them. He even refers to them as “cattle” and leaves most of them unharmed.

Loxia’s Crown fought Spider-Man and Marrow

Spider-Man and Morlock Marrow merge

Peter Parker and his first love interest, Betty Brant, commissioned by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate the disappearances. The two travel to the sewer, where Hunger kidnaps Betty. Peter then joins forces with Morlock Marrow, and the two return to the sewer to meet Hunger.

Spider-Man and Marrow find and release a group of frightened but unharmed prisoners. Hunger is furious and attacks them, but is knocked out by Flash Thompson, who had followed Spider-Man down the drain. Weakened and frustrated, Hunger escapes in the form of energy.

Loxias Crown Fight The Kingpin

Cartoon Criminals Kingpin

Comic book fans know Kingpin, one of Spider-Man’s most formidable enemies. The Detective Chief controls much of New York City’s criminal activity and crosses paths with every prominent figure in the city, both friend and foe. During a meeting with Jimmy-Six and other prominent Maggia families, Kingpin comes face to face with Hunger, who overthrew the reunion.

Hunger sets fire to the building and kills most of the families. Kingpin and Jimmy-Six escape, however, and swear revenge on the living vampire.

Spider-Man and Blade teamed up to bring Loxia’s Crown down

Hunger grips Spider-Man and Blade in the neck

Hunger begins to convert several low-level criminals into his army of thugs, where they slowly gather power in the city’s underworld while effectively paralyzing Maggia’s operation.

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Spider-Man recognizes him as an ever-increasing threat and decides to bring him down forever and team up with vampire hunter Blade. Together with a third ally, the gangster Mutt, the trio kills most of Hunger’s minions and eventually reaches the vampire. Hunger uses his powers to grab Blade and Spider-Man by the neck and tries to turn them over and add them to his army. But Mutt kills Hunger’s last servant, weakening the living vampire and forcing him to flee. This episode is Loxia Crown’s last appearance in Marvel comics.

Loxias Crown has unique powers and abilities


Like Morbius, the living vampire, Hunger possesses several vampire cracks without even being a vampire. His mutation comes from scientific means, which means he is immune to vampires’ most common weaknesses such as garlic, holy water and crucifixes. However, he is very vulnerable to sunlight and even though it will not kill him, it weakens him markedly.

Hunger’s many abilities include increased strength, endurance, durability and speed. He has accelerated healing and acute senses, allowing him to become a dangerous predator. He also has remarkably sharp fans and claws and can create and control quasi-vampire servants.

Morbius radically reinvents the Loxias crown

Matt Smith Morbius

In 2019, The Hollywood Reporter first announced that Matt Smith would be portraying Loxia’s Crown / Hunger. Fans thought this was the case for almost three years, especially given the many delays Morbius endured. Sony, however, made it clear via press releases and even one TV teaser that Smith played a character named Milo, a childhood friend of Michael Morbius, who suffers from the same blood disease.

Smith’s Milo shares many similarities with Marvel’s Loxias Crown; they are both possessed by Morbius and eventually become living vampires. Unlike Morbius, who tries to control his vampire drives, Milo surrenders to them and turns them effectively against each other. Loxia Crown’s story in the comics largely contained Spider-Man and HYDRA, which never happened on the big screen. However, Morbius creates a deep connection between their version of the character and Michael Morbius, to the point where they see each other as brothers. It’s unclear if the film will ever refer to Milo as Hunger, but it’s still possible.

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