7 Best Superman Voice Actors (and 7 Best Batman Voice Actors)

Everyone knows the live-action actors who have taken on the role of Batman and Superman. From Adam West and Christopher Reeve to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, there are plenty of actors to make their mark on the DC characters. Like James Bond, the character will live on with many new faces.

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However, there are even more actors who have taken on the voices of Superman and Batman in various forms of animation. Whether it be comics, animated films or video games; there are so many voice actors out there, but which actors are the best to have portrayed the world’s finest?


Updated March 28, 2022 by Melody MacReady: The world of animation and video games based on the DC multiverse continues to expand. As a result, several actors have shone like the voices of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman and Clark Kent AKA Superman. For example, a longtime fan favorite choice for Batman actually came to life with Dean Winchester’s Jensen Ackles.

There have also been so many voices for both Batman and Superman over the years that it was not enough to stop at five for each. Each voice actor brings something unique to the table and helps make that version of the character their own. Even though they do not get enough credit, they still distinguished themselves by putting their own unique stamp.

The best Superman voice actors

Darren Criss

Shared photo of Darren Criss and Superman in Superman Man Of Tomorrow

In the new DC animated universe, the first contribution contained that Superman as a young man got his start in Metropolis and tried to balance the lives of Superman and Clark Kent. Darren Criss portrays the titular character in Superman: Man Of Tomorrow and he is an interesting new roof.

Tomorrow’s man focuses on the fact that Superman is young, inexperienced and is not so perfect from the start. Criss portrays this youthfulness and lack of self-confidence with grace, making Superman feel more grounded and human, similar to Henry Cavill’s portrayal.

Nolan North

Shared image of Nolan North in San Diego Comic Con and Superman with Justice League in Young Justice

Over the past twenty years, Nolan North has made countless voices in many genres and major franchises. Nolan North is best known for its video game roles such as Nathan Drake of Uncharted. In the beloved Young Justice series, Nolan gives the voice to Superman as well as his clone brother Superboy.

Unfortunately, Superman is never really in focus Young Justice but every time he shows up, Nolan North portrays many layers of him. There is the hopeful side that leads the Justice League, but he is also a loving family man and he is understandably first in conflict with his clone.

Matt Bomer

Shared image of Matt Bomer as Larry in Doom Patrol and Superman in Superman Unbound

Doom Patrol was actually not Matt Bomer’s first DC role as he was one of many actors who auditioned for Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of steel. Although he lost to Henry Cavill, he came to play Superman in animation.

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In the animated film Superman Unbound, Matt Bomer portrays a much more cruel and more serious view of the character. Bomer, however, still retained many of Superman’s admirable qualities while adding a new flavor to make his Superman unique.

Tim Daly

Shared photo of Tim Daly and Superman in Superman The Animated Series

Fresh from his hit sitcom WingsTim Daly was given a chance to change things around Batman: The Animated Series as well as people like Christopher Reeves Superman. Fortunately, Tim Daly resigned from the role Superman: The Animated Series for all three seasons.

Although he left the role, Tim Daly has returned to the role in several animated films. Each time, Tim Daly brings a humble and down-to-earth performance to the character that makes his Superman very likeable. Daly also brings perfectly the same amount of intensity and emotional depth as Batman: The Animated Series brought to Batman.

Jerry O’Connell

Shared photo of Jerry O'Connell and Superman wounded with Lois in The Death Of Superman

He started as a replacement for Alan Tudyk’s Superman in the DC Animated Movie Universe, but over the course of several movies, Jerry O’Connell proved to be even better than his predecessor. Jerry O’Connell shone in the double feature of Superman’s death and Reign Of The Supermen with some of DCAMU’s best scenes.

O’Connell’s Superman is an interesting case where he evolves with each entry into DCAMU that changes itself into Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Eventually, O’Connell perfected his Superman and always gave a dedicated performance.

Kyle MacLachlan

Shared photo of Kyle MacLachlan and Superman in Justice League The New Frontier

Based on Darwyn Cook’s graphic novel, Justice League: The New Frontier is one of the most overlooked gems in the DC animated world. It is dark, mysterious, a beautiful period work and addresses some amazing themes. IN The new frontierSuperman does not have a huge role, but it is an important one.

Superman is the moral compass that tries to keep its friends and government on track when they are most divided. Kyle MacLachlan perfectly portrays the inspiring character of hope, especially when he gives a speech in the last act that feels appropriate to even a modern Superman movie.

George Newbern

Shared photo of George Newbern and Superman in Injustice 2

After Tim Daly left the role of DCAU Superman, George Newbern was brought in to replace him. Over the years, Newbern wanted to play Superman in movies, shows and video games, and each time he got better and better.

In many ways, he delivered the same stellar performance that Daly did, but simply expanded the performance to make it even better. Newbern’s brightest moments actually come from his villainous performance in Injustice game; his Superman was dark and very scary as a villain.

The best Batman voice actors

Anthony Ruivivar

Shared photo of Anthony Ruivivar in Turner And Hooch and Batman in Beware The Batman

Not all Batman shows were a big hit as shown Watch out for Batmanone of DC’s most underrated shows. In the show, which took a more modern noir approach, Anthony Ruivivar played Dark Knight. His voice was much more subtle, only slightly harshly akin to Michael Keaton or Robert Pattinson.

If Beware The Batman had survived a season, Ruivivar could have become one of the most iconic voices. Unfortunately, he is more of a cult favorite Batman, just like the show he represents.

Ben McKenzie

Shared image of Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon on Gotham and Batman crashing through glass in poster art for Batman Year One

Ben McKenzie is an actor who has only voted Batman once. He portrayed Batman and Bruce Wayne in the animated adaptation of Batman: One year. McKenzie did well in bringing to life the dark and methodical Frank Miller version of Batman.

Fans might recognize Ben McKenzie from another DC project he did later; he was Jim Gordon at Fox’s Gotham for all seasons.

Jensen Ackles

Shared image of Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural and Batman in Batman The Long Halloween

Previously, he was Red Hood’s voice in Batman: Under The Red Hood; but in 2020, Jensen Ackles off Supernatural fame returned to DC as the second best role: Batman.

In the two-part animated adaptation of Batman: The Long Halloween, Jensen Ackles distinguished himself as Batman thanks to his naturally gritty voice. Jensen fit the detective noir crime thriller style, and managed to fit Batman without ever sounding like a copy of another or simply refreshing his Dean Winchester voice.

Troy Baker

Shared image of Troy Baker on Retro Replay and Batman in Batman The Telltale Series The Enemy Within

Over the years, Troy Baker has played both superheroes and villains; Hawkeye, Bruce Banner, The Joker, Jason Todd, Two-Face and even the Big Bad Bat. Troy Baker began his tenure as Batman LEGO Batman across games and animated films.

Over time, Troy Baker took over more serious versions of Batman in Batman: The Telltale Series games and Batman VS The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He openly admits his admiration for Batman: The Animated Series and used it as inspiration, but it never feels like a copycat.

Roger Craig Smith

Shared image of Roger Craig Smith and Batman in Batman Arkham Origins

Known for expressing Sonic The Hedgehog in the games and Mirage for Apex LegendsRoger Craig Smith was first treated unfairly by fans when it was announced that he would take over Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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Over the years, fans have come to appreciate Roger Craig Smith for effectively portraying a young and hurried version of Arkhamverse Batman. Roger Craig Smith gave a lot of emotion, especially with his relationship with Alfred; conveys its struggle of dealing with supervillains for the first time remarkably well.

Bruce Greenwood

Shared image of Bruce Greenwood as Chris Pike in Star Trek Into Darkness and Batman in the Batwing in Batman Under The Red Hood

Bruce Greenwood was already a decorated Hollywood actor, so it was so surprising that such a big name actor gave Batman the voice for a live-to-video movie. A welcome surprise as Bruce Greenwood delivered a stoic performance with many subtle layers of emotion.

Batman: Under The Red Hood let Bruce Greenwood shine as most of the film is from his perspective and he shines very clearly. Greenwood would then return to Young Justice animation series, the Gotham by Gaslight movies and the latest Death in the family movie.

Kevin Conroy

Shared image of Kevin Conroy in a commercial for Batman Arkham Knight and Batman throwing a batarang in Batman Arkham Knight

Since his debut in Batman: The Animated Series, Kevin Conroy has for many fans been Batman of Batmen. Kevin Conroy brought new depth and portrayed Batman differently than anyone had ever done before. For over thirty years, Kevin Conroy has been the Go-to voice for Batman.

DCAU shows, the Arkham games, animated films, the Injustice games and more. While the project itself is not a fan favorite, Kevin Conroy will always be perfect in the role. He’s even the first Batman voice actor to take the plunge into live action after his appearance in Crisis on infinite lands.

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