4 spin-offs that have been confirmed (and 6 others that should be made)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Batman.

Although Matt Reeves helped Batman as an independent piece, now that it has become a huge success, the franchise expansion can begin. According to Weekly entertainment, Batman is planned as the first chapter in a Batman-centered cinematic universe separate from the DCEU.

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There are a few spin-offs under development, from a Penguin series to an Arkham Asylum series, but that’s just the beginning. There are plenty of other spin-off options, like a Zoë Kravitz-directed Catwoman solo film or a Jim Gordon police procedure.

2 Confirmed

Batman 2

After the massive ticket success of Batmana successor is officially under development at Warner Bros. On the press tour for this film, Reeves has named a couple of villains that he would be interested in adapting for the sequel.

According to Collider, he is interested in burying Mr. Freeze in fact: “I think there’s actually a grounded version of that story that could be really powerful and could be really good.” He also told Twitter movie“I think Hush is really interesting to make.”

Batman 3

Batman at a crime scene in The Batman

Since Batman is slated to be the first film in a trilogy, Warner Bros. has in fact, two successors are under development. Reeves takes the trilogy one story at a time, but the second film will lead to a third film.

According to Den or GeekPattinson has named a couple of villains he would like to meet in the upcoming sequels: Calendar Man, a killer obsessed with dates and holidays, and Court of Owls, a secret company that drives Gotham from the shadows.

The penguin

Colin Farrell as the penguin wearing a bow in The Batman

According to Deadlinebetween Batman and its first successor, Colin Farrell will star in and executive-produce one Penguin spin-off series. Reeves will also serve as executive producer, while Lauren LeFranc has been hired as showrunner.

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The series will chart the penguin’s progress through Gotham’s criminal underworld. Reeves has named the classic gangster movies Scarf and The long Good Friday as an influence on the series. The show has been airing for an entire season on HBO Max.

Arkham Asylum Series

The gate to Arkham Asylum.

According to Variety, another Batman spin-off series is under development at HBO Max. This show was originally about GCPD, but that project was put on hold due to creative disagreements with the streamer.

Instead, the project has been remodeled as a horror series set in Arkham Asylum. Arkham will be depicted as a kind of haunted house, and the series will explore the origins of its patients.

1 Should be made

And Zoë Kravitz Catwoman solo film

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

2004s Catwoman is one of the most critically panned comics of all time, but it was wildly unfaithful to the source material. The character played by Halle Berry is not even named Selina Kyle; her name is Patience Phillips. Catwoman deserves another chance for a solo film.

Zoë Kravitz’s sympathetic, relatable antihero from Batman is perfect for a solo movie. Kravitz gave Selina more depth than outright villainous portraits of Catwoman, which are worth exploring in her own film. Batman is an outsider, but Selina has the inside of Gotham’s criminal underworld. Her solo adventure could introduce the audience to a whole new side of the city.

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin get started.

Now that Pattinson’s Batman has been established and he’s becoming a more experienced crime fighter, it would be great to see Robin in this incarnation of the bat verse.

After repeated disappointments, this cruel, grounded universe could finally do the character justice. Like Aquaman, Robin is a laughing stock with the potential to become a fan-favorite icon in the hands of the real actor and filmmaker.

A police procedure starring Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon aims with his gun in The Batman

HBO Max had allegedly objected to the proposed GCPD series because its main character was a corrupt cop. A police procedure in this Gotham City could still work with another central protagonist: Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon. Gotham was already a police procedure told from Gordon’s perspective, but the series was far from perfect.

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Wright’s Gordon is a fresh version of the character, and Reeves’ Gotham is a radical reinvention of the familiar setting inspired by 1970s neo-noirs. Both could be explored further in depth in an eerie streaming series that brings the veil and the darkness from Se7en to the worn out police procedural genre.

Injustice League

The Injustice League from DC Comics

Although credited as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”, Barry Keoghan’s twisted laughs and manic laughs suggest that he is plays the joker in this universe.

In its introduction in Batman, Keoghan’s Joker asks Riddler to be his “friend”, and Riddler accepts. This could be creating an Injustice League in this universe as the Joker gathers a team of Batman villains to take on the bat.


two faces in comics

Batman‘s version of Gotham abounds with corrupt politicians taking backlash from the mob. These are the perfect setting for one JokerR-rated Two-Face movie about Harvey Dent’s tragic journey from Gotham’s “White Knight” to one of its most notorious criminals.

In keeping with 70s vibes of Reeves’ style in Batmancould a Two-Face movie be framed as a paranoid political drama like All the President’s men.

The Dark Knight returns


Since the new Batman has just started his bow on screen and he is still in the first few years fighting crime, this would be a while away. But somewhere along the line, Pattinson’s Batman and the grounded Gotham he inhabits would be perfect for a proper fit of The Dark Knight returns.

Frank Miller’s rough, revisionist tone has inspired a bunch of the best Batman movies (including this one), but his iconic story of a dirty, aging Batman has yet to be adapted as a live-action movie.

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