19 Children and Count Josh Duggar Files Movement to Postpone Judgment

On Saturday, March 19, Josh Duggar, convicted of receiving and possessing material on child sexual abuse, filed a motion to adjourn his sentence.

New reports have confirmed this 19 Children and counting Star Josh Duggar filed a motion to adjourn his sentence after being convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography. Josh was first arrested in April 2021. At that time, his lawyer pleaded not guilty and he was released on the condition that he would remain with his family at home. Josh’s release, however, was short as the native of Arkansas was later found guilty on two charges of receiving and possessing material on child sexual abuse in December 2021. He now risks up to 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine for each case.

Josh’s sexual abuse scandal consequently led to the end of his family’s reality series. Following his conviction, Duggar family members expressed their feelings about the situation. Speaking about the arrest of the 33-year-old political activist, his parents, Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, said God’s grace gave them the power to stay strong. The Elder Duggars also sent prayers to all victims of sexual abuse. The perpetrator’s sister, Jinger Duggar, expressed concern for Josh’s family and the victims of the assault. Although Josh’s case was an embarrassment to his family, it did not stop his wife Anna, 33, whom he married in 2008, from standing next to him.


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Several months after Josh’s trial and conviction, reports confirmed that he submitted a proposal to postpone his sentencing. Legal documents obtained by Us Weekly noticed, “Defendant Joshua James Duggar, by and through the undersigned attorney, respectfully requests that this court continue the sentencing in this case by approximately 30 days.” The documents revealed that the defendant would benefit from a brief continuation to provide additional time to pursue additional information and documentation related to a possible 18 USC § 3553 (a) consideration.

On Saturday, March 19, his legal team requested a continuation due to “certainly reasonable” Coronavirus precautions were followed at the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas. According to the document “short continuation” would give Josh’s legal team more time to gather useful evidence to present as the court decides an appropriate verdict. It further revealed the proposal Josh’s lawyers experienced some delay by scheduling certain attorney-client meetings at video conferencing due to COVID-19 precautions. Josh’s verdict is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th.

That 19 Children and counting the star’s conviction was not a surprise to many as there had been rumors about his porn preference. Josh’s actions brought disgrace to his family, and his conviction was inevitable as concrete evidence proved that he possessed child pornography. Although Josh’s legal team has requested that his sentencing date be postponed, his verdict will eventually come. With the perpetrator’s sentencing close, fans can only pray that his family has enough strength to cope.

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Source: Us Weekly

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